Filacchione is active in the areas of domestic and international joint ventures and strategic alliances for new services, products, manufacturing processes and technologies. We are experienced in addressing the relevant structuring issues, tax strategies and antitrust concerns, as well as issues relating to the ownership, protection and exploitation of intellectual property. We also appreciate the practical business concerns facing new ventures and alliances.

Our joint venture experience spans many industries, including trademarked consumer electronics, pharmaceuticals, foodstuffs, computer software, health care, electronic loss prevention systems, heavy industrial equipment and home furnishings. We have represented manufacturers in partnerships with raw materials producers, inventors seeking partners to finance and commercialize new products and ideas, and health care professionals joining together for competitive advantage in today's challenging markets. Our attorneys have participated in the organization of many joint research and development projects and distribution arrangements between corporations.

We are particularly sensitive to the problems that exempt organizations encounter when partnering with commercial enterprises, as well as the questions facing alliances among professionals, including health care providers. We have also advised groups of professionals investigating whether to establish alliances with non-professional management and other enterprises.


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